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This to certify that International Research and Publications in Medical Sciences (IRPMS) editorial team has considered to present the best paper award to the corresponding author Kristine Joy G. Boholst, Noli A. Cabildo, David Vi for publishing his outstanding research paper in IRPMS, Volume-3, Issue-4, Oct-Dec entitled as 1. FACTORS FOR TUBERCULOSIS TREATMENT RELAPSE AMONG PATIENTS PREVIOUSLY TAKING CATEGORY 1 STANDARD TUBERCULOSIS TREATMENT REGIMEN IN SELECTED MUNICIPALITIES OF ILOCOS SUR.

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2015 - IRPMS, Volume1, No.3, Jul-Sept

Original Article

1. Menstrual Pattern And Morbidity Among Nursing Science Students In A Nigerian Tertiary Institution,

Obuna JA, Ogah C,

Int Res Pub Med Sci 2015;1(3):1-6


2. Study Of Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction In Patients with Diabetes Mellitus By Flow Mediated Dilation Of Brachial Artery,

Dinesh Choudhary, Jitendra Acharya, Rakesh Garg,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):7-16.


3. Habilitaton Of Cerebral Palsy Children: Survey Conduncted Among Physiotherapists of Mid Malabar Region, Kerala,

M Rashij, HR Rai, N Fysal, M Nahal Rintu, PK Sinil Das, T Linshina, R Sivapriya,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):17-21


4. Blindness And Visual Impairment In India Due To Glaucoma Can Be Prevented,

Kishor P. Govekar, Mukesh K. Sharma, Deepa Sharma, Anshu Anind, Pratima Mishra,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):22-27


5. A Study Of The Role Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Female Pelvic Pathologies,

N.K. Kadam, Kushal Gehlot,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):28-33


6. Correlation Of Glycemic Control With Dyslipidemia In Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Rupal Dosi, Jigar Patel, Shreyans Doshi, Preeti Panchal, Rushad Patel,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):34-39


7. The Effect Of Aloe-Vera In Recurrent Minor Aphthous Stomatitis Patients-A Pilot Study,

Kavita Yadav, Kishori Lal Meena, Anshul Gupta, RakeshGarg,

Int Res Pub Med Sci,2015;1(3):40-45


8. Prole of Cases of Decomposition and Correlation of Identication and Cause of Death With Time Since Death in Decomposition.

Shailesh D. Bhuva, Viral J. Aghera, H. M. Mangal, Pratik R. Varu, Milind N. Patel, Raghurajsinh D. Vaghela,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):46-51


9. A Study Of Role Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging In The Evaluation Of Compressive Myelopathy,

N.K. Kadam, Kushal Gehlot,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):52-56


10. A Cross Sectional Study Of Cranial Suture Closure By CT Scan With Reference To Age: A Prospective Study,

Kalpesh Zanzrukiya, Pranav Prajapati, Ganesh Govekar, Jignesh Patel, Paresh Chandegara, Chirag Gajera,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):57-63


11. Effect Of Examination Stress On Physiological And Psychological Parameters Among Undergraduate Medical Students.

Deepti Thakur, Elvy. R. Oomen,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):64-68

Review Article

12. Congenital Hypothyroidism-A Review,

Balram Sharma, Shruti Sharma,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):69-81

Case Report

13. Congenitally Missing Upper Laterals. Clinical Considerations: Orthodontic Space Closure,

Muhamad Abu-Hussein, Nezar Watted,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):82-89


14. Hypercapnia-An Enigma In The Diagnosis Of Expanding Pneumothorax During One Lung Anesthesia,

Gaddam Madhavi, Pavani Kalyanam, Subhakar Kandi,

Ind Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):90-94


15. Riga-Fede Disease: A Case Report And Literature Review,

Rajiv Narayan Purohit, Kanchan Purohit, Ranjan Mathur, Jitendra Acharya, Rajesh Kumar, Rakesh Garg,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):95-98


16. Congenital Giant Lipoma Neck: A Rare Case Report

Kamal N Rattan, SPS Yadav, Priya

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):99-102


17. Chronic Neutrophilic Leukemia: A Rare Heterogenous Myeloproliferative Disorder,

Sant Prakash Kataria, Gajender Singh, Pansi Gupta, Uma Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Rajeev

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):103-106


18. Multiple Kinking And Brachiocephalic Origin Of The Left Common Carotid Artery-A Cadaveric Case Report,

Pranita R. Viveki, V. B. Hukkeri,

Int Res Pub Med Sci, 2015;1(3):107-110