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This to certify that International Research and Publications in Medical Sciences (IRPMS) editorial team has considered to present the best paper award to the corresponding author Kristine Joy G. Boholst, Noli A. Cabildo, David Vi for publishing his outstanding research paper in IRPMS, Volume-3, Issue-4, Oct-Dec entitled as 1. FACTORS FOR TUBERCULOSIS TREATMENT RELAPSE AMONG PATIENTS PREVIOUSLY TAKING CATEGORY 1 STANDARD TUBERCULOSIS TREATMENT REGIMEN IN SELECTED MUNICIPALITIES OF ILOCOS SUR.

Best Paper Award :
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2016 - IRPMS, Volume-2, Issue-1, Jan-Mar

Original Article

1. Biophysical Properties Of Amniotic Fluid And Morphological Characteristics Of The Placenta In Primiparous And Multiparous Women Living At Different Altitudes In Kyrgyzstan

Belov G.V., Karimova N.A., Beyshenbieva G.J.


2. Knowledge of Business Process Outsourcing Agents on Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV, Manila Philippines

Myra D. Oruga


3. Clinical Relevance Of Non HDL Cholesterol Levels And Evaluation Of Cardiovascular Disease Risk In Hypothyroidism Patients

Savita Rathore, Amita Parmar


4. Determination Of Age By Studying Radiological Eruption Of Third Molar Teeth In Living Individuals (Age Group 16-25 Years)

Shashank Sharma, Narendra Kumar Vaishnawa, Amit srivastava, P.C.Vyas


5. A Comparative study of The Effectiveness of Low Dose Magnesium Sulphate v/s Standard Pritchard Regimen in Eclampsia & Imminent Eclampsia in Indian Women.

Asmita Nayak, Shahnaz Chanded, Suniti Verma, Kamlesh Yadav, K.C. Nayak


6. Patterns Of Suicide Among Autopsies Conducted at Dr. SN Medical College, Jodhpur

Shalendra Kumar, Amit Joshi, Rajiv N. Purohit, Jitendra Acharya


7. A Study Of Efficacy Of Acyclovir In Treatment Of Pityriasis Rosea

B.C. Ghiya, Ashok Kumar, Prasoon Soni, Lokesh Chawala, Anukriti Shrivastya


8. The Relation Of The Development Of Individual And Eruption Of Third Molar Teeth In Various Age Groups In Both Sexes By Radiograph In Jodhpur Population.

Shalendra Kumar, Shashank Sharma, Jitendra Acharya


9. A Study Of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Rate Of Conversion And Factors Influencing For Conversion In Rural Setup-A Retrospective Study

Mohandhas G, Gunasekaran A, Jeyakumari D


10. Study Of Healing In Diaphyseal Fractures Of Adult Long Bones Fixed Witout Bone Grafting

B.L. Chopra, Pradeep Kumar Sharma, R.P.S. Tomar, Rashi Pachaury


11. Ultrasonographic Evaluation Of Gastrointestinal Tract Pathologies (A Study Of 64 Cases)

Chetan Mehta, Chandrasekhar Patil, Deepa Regina John, 


12. Current Trends Of Poisoning In Surat Region Of Gujarat:A Prospective Study

Pranav Prajapati, Jignesh Brahmbhatt


13. Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block for Hydrodilatation with Normal Saline in Patients of Frozen Shoulder

Divya Srivastav, Anup Chandani, JC Vasava


14. Current Trends of Poisoning In Bikaner Region

Yogesh Sharma, Rajendra Singh

Case Report

15. Acute Appendicitis İn Femoral Hernia: Two Cases Of De Garengeot’s Hernia

Yavuz Yavas, Kadir Serkan Turel, Murat Burc Yazicioglu


16. Portal Biliopathy: A Rare Diagnosis Mimicking Cholangiocarcinoma And Cholangitis

Devaraj Sunilkumar, Gehlot Kushal B, Kardam Narendra K, Satpute Sagar N


17. Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease -A Case Report

Vashistha Amitabh, Rajpurohit Bajrang S, Gehlot Kushal B, Mittal Shilpi, Sunil Saini, Khan Alsaba,


18. A Rare Case Of Anomalous Ampulla Of Vater In Third Segment Of Duodenum Associated With Cholangitis And Gall Bladder Carcinoma

Mittal Shilpi, Gehlot Kushal B, Kardam Narendra K, Satpute Sagar N.


19. Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome: A Case Report.

Rajpurohit Bajrang S, Vashistha Amitabh, Gehlot Kushal B, Mittal Shilpi, Saini Sunil, Khan Alsaba,