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This to certify that International Research and Publications in Medical Sciences (IRPMS) editorial team has considered to present the best paper award to the corresponding author Kristine Joy G. Boholst, Noli A. Cabildo, David Vi for publishing his outstanding research paper in IRPMS, Volume-3, Issue-4, Oct-Dec entitled as 1. FACTORS FOR TUBERCULOSIS TREATMENT RELAPSE AMONG PATIENTS PREVIOUSLY TAKING CATEGORY 1 STANDARD TUBERCULOSIS TREATMENT REGIMEN IN SELECTED MUNICIPALITIES OF ILOCOS SUR.

Best Paper Award :
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2016 - IRPMS, Volume-2, Issue-3, July-Sept

Original Article

1. A Prospective Clinical Study of Maternal and Foetal Outcome in Previous Caesarean Section

Shweta Chaudhary, Shilpa Tholia, LN Chauhan


2. NSAIDS: The Double Edge Sword- Pharmacovigilance In A Tertiary Care Hospital

Rahul Saini, Bhawna Sharma, Prem Kumar Verma, Garima Bhutani, Seema Rani


3. Correlation Between Mean Corpuscular Volume, Vitamin B12 And Haemoglobin Level In Patients With Neurological Disorders.

Gautam Kumar Bunker, Tarun Kumar Ralot, Manoj Kumar Arya


4. Study of Histopathological Analysis in Cases of Sudden Death

P. H. Barai, Neerav Rana, J. A. Tanna, A. K. Pathak


5. Combination Of Oral Versus Intravenous Formulation Of Tranexamic Acid And Ethamsylate In Controlling Postoperative Bleeding Of Cardiac Surgeries Done Under CPB

B. Sartaj Hussain, Madhavi Gaddam, G. Srinivas


6. Analysis of Fatal Cranio-Cerebral Injuries in Central Gujarat Region

Hardik Prajapati, P.H. Barai, A.K. Pathak, Jitendra Tanna


7. Comparison Of Alternative Techniques Of Closure Of Subcutaneous Fat During Caesarean Section

Rameshwari Choudhary, Kanti Yadav


8. Railroad: A Riding Track Or Journey To Death

R.K. Punia, Naveen Kumar Simatwal, Rohit Kumar Meena


9. Total Antioxidant Activity And Oxidative Stress In Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Manisha Sharma, Manish Kumar Sharma, A.K. Verma


10. Evaluation Of Pre-Donation Deferral Causes In Blood Donor Population At Tertiary Health Care Center of Rajasthan

Jyoti Kala Bhati, Sanjay Prakash, Vandana Chhabra, Satyendra Singh


11. An Observational Study and Analysis of Anaemia and Red Blood Cell Transfusion Requirement in Various Intensive Care Unit in Tertiary Care Centre in Southern Rajasthan

Satyendra Singh, Sanjay Prakash, Jyoti Kala Bhati, Vandana Chhabra


12. Clinico-Epidemiological Study of Various Presentations of Cutaneous Tuberculosis at a Tertiary Care Centre

Yash dhamecha, Shyamkumar Makadia, Shruti Kulkarni


13. A Clinico-Epidemiological Study of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Males at a Tertiary Care Centre

Shyamkumar Makadia, Shruti Kulkarni, Yash dhamecha


14. Enzymatic Antioxidant Status, Malondialdehyde and Total Antioxidant Activity as Maker of Oxidative Stress in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Manisha Sharma, A.K. Verma, Manish Kumar Sharma


15. Radiological Evaluation of Acute Abdomen in Paediatric Population of Southern Rajasthan

Kundan Lal Porwal, Vivek Parasar

Review Article

16. Cysticercosis: A Cause Of Rising Global Ocular Morbidity In India

Mukesh Kr. Sharma, Kishore P. Govekar, Satish Jeria, Arun kr. Patidar